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Why Pets Need Annual Wellness Exams

Larchmont Animal Clinic is a full-service veterinary facility in Los Angeles. The experienced veterinary staff at Larchmont Animal Clinic recommends that pets receive yearly wellness exams. Because pets age at a faster rate than humans, pet owners should seek regular checkups for their animal companions.

At an annual exam, a veterinarian typically asks about a pet’s overall health and discusses any lifestyle changes since the last checkup. Vets perform a complete exam to look for any signs of disease. If any suspicious signs of disease are present, the veterinarian will recommend appropriate follow-up testing. Additionally, the veterinary staff will document the animal’s weight and administer any necessary vaccines.

Pets cannot tell their owners when they are not feeling well. When signs of serious conditions emerge, they can require expensive treatments and difficult procedures. Preventing health complications is a better pet care strategy than waiting for the animal to become ill. Annual exams are key to pets’ health and quality of life.


Larchmont Animal Clinic: Summertime Pet Tips

If you’re feeling the effects of the heat on a warm summer day, keep in mind that your pet may be suffering too. Even the healthiest animals can experience sunburn, dehydration, and heat stroke. Following a few simple guidelines can keep your pet cool and comfortable.

If you enjoy walking with your dog, avoid the hottest parts of the day and walk in the early morning or evening. Be careful when walking on asphalt or cement, which can burn your dog’s feet.

Keep your pet neatly groomed by trimming and brushing when necessary, but leave enough length to protect the animal’s skin from sun and heat.

Ensure your pet has plenty of cool, fresh water and shade. On very hot days, bring your pet indoors.

Of course, never leave a pet alone in a parked vehicle, even with the windows rolled down. The furnace-like temperatures can lead to heat stroke very quickly.

Know the signs of overheating and take your pet to a vet immediately if you notice difficulty breathing, excessive panting, increased heartbeat, drooling, lethargy, weakness, fainting, seizures, or bloody diarrhea or vomit.

Keep a close eye on pugs, Persian cats, and other short-nosed animals, as the flat shape of their face makes panting — and cooling — difficult. Overweight and elderly dogs need extra care as they are more affected by the heat.

A community mainstay in Los Angeles’ Larchmont neighborhood for more than 36 years, Larchmont Animal Clinic has your pet’s best interests at heart. The clinic is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, an honor given only to clinics that meet the association’s high standards. The designation, granted to less than five percent of the animal clinics in the United States, ensures that your pet receives the best possible care.