Why Pets Need Annual Wellness Exams

Larchmont Animal Clinic is a full-service veterinary facility in Los Angeles. The experienced veterinary staff at Larchmont Animal Clinic recommends that pets receive yearly wellness exams. Because pets age at a faster rate than humans, pet owners should seek regular checkups for their animal companions.

At an annual exam, a veterinarian typically asks about a pet’s overall health and discusses any lifestyle changes since the last checkup. Vets perform a complete exam to look for any signs of disease. If any suspicious signs of disease are present, the veterinarian will recommend appropriate follow-up testing. Additionally, the veterinary staff will document the animal’s weight and administer any necessary vaccines.

Pets cannot tell their owners when they are not feeling well. When signs of serious conditions emerge, they can require expensive treatments and difficult procedures. Preventing health complications is a better pet care strategy than waiting for the animal to become ill. Annual exams are key to pets’ health and quality of life.


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