Month: May 2015

AAHA Provides Guidance for Veterinary Facilities Seeking Accreditation

Based in Los Angeles, Larchmont Animal Clinic is one of the few veterinary facilities in the nation to have achieved accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Its status as an AAHA-accredited service provider validates Larchmont Animal Clinic’s dedication to providing excellent care to its animal patients. AAHA provides online evaluation tools to help veterinary clinics prepare for the rigorous accreditation process.

Clinics who want to pursue AAHA accreditation can answer questions online to determine if they meet the minimum mandatory standards for accreditation. With this initial survey, clinics can determine their current areas of strength and areas for improvement to meet AAHA standards. The system automatically saves answers, so clinic representatives can revisit and update their responses as their practices evolve. In addition, the AAHA online resource features helpful checklists to help clinics prepare for accreditation evaluations. Clinics can use provided templates to document standard operating protocols.

AAHA accreditation is voluntary and demonstrates a veterinary facility’s commitment to implementing standard practices and offering top-quality care. As an added benefit, working through the accreditation process can foster new levels of cooperation among team members. In addition, accredited clinics must go through re-certification processes every three years to help them keep up to date with current trends in veterinary practice.